If you have travelled to Japan and haven’t driven in Japan yet, then I must assume you don’t have a driving license. It’s not only the most convenient way but also the best way to experience Japan, especially if you are visiting Ishikawa.

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It is as simple as ordering food delivery. Because of the company’s longstanding friendship with Toyota, it is given preferential rates. A quick comparison with other car rental companies in Japan show that it’s instantly cheaper than other options, sometimes as much as 20%.

When I first travelled in Japan by car in 2004, only Japanese was available. I can still hear the friendly female voice, who was with us throughout our one week journey, saying turn right now in Japanese. Today, the car navigation systems have both English and Japanese options.

First, select the pick up and drop off points as well as the date and time on the fuss free reservation page.

There is a good selection of vehicles. You will be shown the cost of each type before booking.  After selecting insurance and language for the navigational system you can proceed to fill in your other details like the flight number.

On the stipulated date, a Toyota shuttle van will pick you up from the airport upon your arrival.  It’s usually less than 5 minutes away.   Once you arrive at the agency, you will fill out a simple form.  Although it’s in Japanese you can check the model number as well other important information like prices and dates easily.  The friendly staff members are always on hand to assist you.

The final procedure is checking the car which you will pick up just outside the agency.  We arrived at night and the staff member made sure that a thorough check was done with sufficient light in the carpark where any pre-existing scratches and dents will be noted in the confirmation form.

The taxi driver and our local friend, who was sitting in the front seat, suddenly burst into an excited conversation after driving for half an hour. Our friend, who is always friendly and easygoing, started to get nervous and kept shaking her head and speaking rapidly in Japanese to the taxi driver. “What is going on?” I asked my guide, who was next to me in the car. “The taxi driver thinks it’s too expensive and he tried to pause the fare but he pressed the reset button by accident.” It was coming up to more than 100SGD and he was understandably concerned.

We were making our way back to the hotel from the winery where I just had one of the best meals in my life. It was a little out of the way and unless you meet another taxi driver as sweet as ours, you might want to consider self-driving!

Hidden Gems

In my 4 day trip in Ishikawa, most of my favourite moments were in sights that are a little out of the way.

Besides Heidee Winery, we also went on a lovely walk in Kakusenkei Gorge in Kaga where lush autumn colours hugged us in all its glory.

By far my favourite was the Shiroyone Senmaida rice paddies that are lit up by LEDs running along each of the field's 1,004 individual rice paddies. The lights automatically turn on when the sun sets, and change from yellow to pink every half hour.  In early October, hundreds of local volunteers gather to set up the 21,000 solar-powered lights that will turn the rice field into a veritable wonderland till mid-March.


Enjoy your drive round Ishikawa even more with their Present Campaign!

Pick up your car from Kanazawa Station, Komatsu Airport or Noto Airport and
get a Present Coupon booklet which you can use to exchange up to ¥15,000 (S$180) worth of local products,
speciality items and discounts at the various Michi no Eki rest stops and
sightseeing destinations around the prefecture!

Drive and stay in Ishikawa and get rewarded!

Step 1: Book car rental from our website

Step 2: Book accommodation in Ishikawa from our Expedia widget

Step 3: Send us your Expedia confirmation email(s) OR fill in this form

Step 4: Drive and Stay in Ishikawa

Step 5: Receive $20 CapitaLand voucher per room per night!

Terms and Conditions :

  • ・ Promotion valid for a maximum of 4 nights stay
  • ・ Car return date must be on or before 30 November 2019
  • ・ Hotel bookings must be made via our dedicated Expedia link
  • ・ Hotel bookings must include stay in Ishikawa prefecture
  • ・ Same name must be used for car rental and hotel bookings
  • ・ Vouchers will be sent by registered mail to the address provided on the car rental booking within 2 weeks of car return date.