What is ETC?


ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) is a system that allows tolls to be collected automatically when a vehicle passes through the toll gate on the expressway. It makes travelling on the expressways smoother and more convenient. To use this system, the vehicle must be equipped with an ETC device and an ETC card.

All our rental cars are equipped with ETC devices and ETC cards are available for rent.



How to use ETC


  1. Insert the ETC card into the device.
    Insert the ETC card correctly. It will not work if it is inserted in the wrong direction.

  2. When approaching the toll gate on the expressway, use one of the lanes marked with an ‘ETC’ sign.
    Reduce your speed to 20 km/h or less as you approach the gate.

  3. The toll fee will be automatically deducted and the gate will open for you to pass through.

  4. When a fee deduction has been made, the fee will be displayed on an electronic sign at the gate.


ETC Card Rental


You can request to rent an ETC card at the point of reservation. Reservation of the ETC card is free, but a rental charge of ¥330 will be collected at the shop when you pick up the car.

*Please note that some stores may not have ETC cards available for rent due to location or reservation conditions.

The ETC card will be given to you when you pickup the car, and will be collected when you return the car.

Charges for toll fees will be calculated when you return the card, and payment has to be made at the store.


ETC card