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Follow Me Japan


My Dream, My Journey


Follow Me Japan is a company with the perfect blend of Japanese sophistication and Singaporean ingenuity, dedicated to bringing the best of Japan to you. In our 40 year history, we have built a strong reputation of offering the highest quality customised Japan holiday tours with your interests at heart. From free and easy packages for the intrepid and adventurous traveller to coach tours designed for families, we create travel experiences to make your dream trip come true.


Fly & Drive in Japan


In 2005, Follow Me Japan pioneered Fly & Drive tours from Singapore to Japan. Our revolutionary concept gave customers the freedom to customise their Japan exploration and travel at their own pace, all with the assistance of our dedicated staff and a reliable GPS system. Starting with Hokkaido and extending to the rest of Japan, the Fly & Drive concept has become Follow Me Japan’s signature product, whether conducted as a group tour or free and easy style.


FMJ Car rental


The success of Fly & Drive tours opened up the world of driving in Japan to foreign travellers, creating a boom in Japan driving in recent years. Follow Me Japan’s car rental website was conceptualised to provide travellers with easy access to reliable rental cars at reasonable prices. With our strong relationship with Toyota, expertise on driving in Japan and local base, we are able to provide comprehensive support for car rental issues. Working with local Japanese governments and partners, we aim to bring Follow Me Japan’s touch to driving in Japan.